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Moving day has finally arrived! You’ll now find my website and blog at As is the case with most moves, the process has taken longer than expected. Though I’ll also be adding new content and tweaking the site in the coming weeks, I decided enough of the work is done that people can stop in and take a look. 

Although I’m keeping the name of the blog, a path not chosen, and I will continue to post about my journey with Parkinson’s Disease, I will be expanding the scope of the site to include other topics as well as information about longer writing projects I’m working on.

If you currently get e-mail updates about new posts through WordPress, you will no longer receive those. Instead, I’ve set up the option to receive weekly summary e-mails through MailChimp. If you sign up to receive weekly e-mail updates, you can specify which categories of posts you would prefer to receive.

You can also follow me in your preferred RSS feed reader by using the URLs at the end of this post, or if you’re a Facebook friend, you’ll see notifications of new posts there. 

I realize I may lose a few readers in the move, and if that’s the case, thanks for reading. I wish you all the best in your life’s journey. For those who follow me to my new blog abode, I’ll see you around. 

RSS feeds:

All posts:


Parkinson’s Posts:

I’ll be adding other category feeds in the future. 


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